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Impressum Swabian Spaetzle-Maker  - Kull Spaetzle-Schwob

          ** From Swabia ** Made in Southern Germany ** Worldwide Delivery **

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Enlarge image - Highly polished Spaetzle-Schwob or Spaetzle-Schwob-Fix Original Spaetzle-Schwob Spaetzle Press, heavy duty die cast aluminium, for round spaetzle, spaghetti ice cream and mashed potatoes.
Art.-Nr. 1020 - Spaetzle-Schwob
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Original Spaetzle-Schwob-FIX Spaetzle Press, heavy duty die cast aluminium, form with elongated holes in varying shapes and sizes for Spaetzle that look like hand made from grandmas' days, also for mashed potatoes.
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Spaetzle Press incl. Spaetzle recipe in English language.

Enlarge image -  Spatzle Maker in various colors Color variants!
Spaetzle Press are available in different colors, heavy duty die cast aluminium with plastic coating, easy to clean because suitable for dishwasher.

Available colors: Available colors Spaetzle-Maker

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Form with round holes, also for spaghetti ice cream:
Form Spaetzle-Schwob Spaetzle-Schwob-FIX
Form with elongated holes in varying shapes and sizes:
Form Spaetzle-Schwob-Fix

Other spaetzle products:

Spaetzle handgeschabt mit Brett und Schaber Spaetzle Board & Scraper
For Spaetzle "Made by Hand", Board (wood), ca 9.8 x 6.0 x 0.4 Inch, Scraper (stainless steel) ca 4 x 4 inch, incl. Spaetzle recipe in English language.
Art.-Nr. 0530 - Spaetzle Board & Scraper
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Spaetzle Schaumlöffel von Kull
Skimmer "Schaumloeffel"
To scoop the Spaetzle from the pot of boiling water we offer a stainless steel "Schaumloeffel", high quality, available without plastic coating (none color) or with plastic coating, be proper to your Spaetzle-Maker.

Art.-Nr. 0700 - Skimmer - Schaumloeffel none color --- US$ | CAN$ | AUS$ | GB£ | EUR
Art.-Nr. 0710 - Skimmer - Schaumloeffel colored

NEW From Spätzle, Wargele and Flädle: Not only Swabians love Swabian specialities! Also beyond the country's frontiers the enthusiasts of native and solid plain fare want to learn how "Linsen, Spätzle and Saiten", "Maultaschen" or "Hefezopf" are originally prepared. A variety of food, tasting typical Swabian, can be found in our present book "The Best of Swabian Food" (Art.-Nr. 0557).
For all transpacific Swabians, who have never learnt "Swabian" the book brings the tradition of real Swabian savor closer to them. The original receipts reveal the information eagerly needed by the friends of "Trollinger and Zwiebelrostbraten", so that they are able to serve their specialities and their favourite dishes also at home.

The Best of Swabian Food The Best of Swabian Food / Original Schwäbisch

Cookbook, bilingual, in English & German language, 23 Swabian recipes: Potato noodles, Sour potato slices, Lentils, "Spaetzle" and sausages, Spaetzle, Stuffed noodles, Swabian roast steak, Stuffed breast of veal, Butcher's broth, "Sauerkraut" with boiled pork, Liver sausages, Blood sausages, Beef broth with pancake stripes, Triple in sour sauce, Ox-cheek salad, Meat-balls with Potato Salad, Beef, potato und "Spätzle" stew, Onion tart, Plaited Yeast-cake, Covered apple cake, Pancake puffs, Elder Blossom Fritters, Bread and apple pudding, Steamed dumplings.
*** Hardcover, 77 pages, 23 color images, ISBN 978-3-7750-0386-5. ***

Art.-Nr. 0557 The Best of Swabian Food
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Bundle "The Best of Swabian Food" + "The Best of Bavarian Food" + "The Best of Baden Food" "The best of Bavarian Food" 29 recipes: Liver Dumplings , Bread Dumplings, Sweetbread-and-Spleen Sausage, White Sausages, Sausage Loaf, Sweet Mustard, Spicy cheese dip, Sour Lung with Dumpling, Sour Heart, Boiled Beef, Crown Meat, Clear Soup with Liver Dumpling, Larded Bread Soup and Thick Bread Soup, Pork Roast, Pig's Knuckle, Boeuf à la mode, Pichelsteiner Stew, Lake Whitefish, Sauerkraut and Pike, Parsley Vegetables, Kermis Goose, Gamsschlegel, Chanterelles with Bread Dumplings, Bavarian Cabbage, Steamed Dumplings, Apfelstrudel, Fried elder blossoms, Plum Tart, Fried Spirals (Hardcover, 64 pages, 13 color images, ISBN 978-3-7750-0478-7).
"The Best of Baden Food" 25 recipes: Potato soup with elderblossam fritters, Snail soup, Sour Jerusalem artichokes, Swede cubes, Dandelion salad with bacon and "Kracherle" , lamb's lettuce salad, Asparagus and ham, pancakes cut in thin slices, Whitefish à la meunière, Larded fillet of zander on creamed sauerkraut, Shoulder of pork with potato salad, Baden Saturday meal, Vintner's pheasant, Roast tripe, Sour liver with "Brägeli" , Quark with potatoes boiled in their skins, Sweet-Sour preserved plums, Plum flan, Cherry Pudding, Black Forest Cherry Gâteau - one of many original recipes, Markgräfler Nut Gâteau, Linz Gâteau, Carnival doughnuts, Strawberries with Münstertal curd cheese, Hilda cookies (Hardcover, 74 pages, 15 color images, ISBN 978-3-7750-0416-9).
"The Best of Swabian Food" 23 recipes: see Art.-Nr. 0557. Three cookbooks, bilingual, in English & German language.

Art.-Nr. 0540 Three books: Best of Swabian/Bavarian/Baden Food
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For all German readers: Kochbuch "Schwäbische Spätzlesküche", 58 alte und neue Rezepte, Hardcover, by Siegfried Ruoß, Renate Gries-Fahrbach.   Art.-Nr. 0550 "Schwäbische Spätzlesküche"

Order information: All Spaetzle-Maker with plastic coating are suitable for dishwasher (excluding Spaetzle-Maker highly polished!). Please use the following order form.

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Original Kull Spaetzle-Schwob